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Virtuosa® 2019 Luxe Report || Skydiving in New Zealand

December 2018 saw the official release of the 2019 Virtuosa® luxe report, a Guide to Key Trends and Insights in Luxury Travel. The global luxury travel company called upon it’s 20,000+ industry insiders to narrow down the top trends and #mustdo activities for any and all adventure seekers worldwide. Virtuosa® is the godfather of tourism; the by-invitation-only organisation has led the tourism industry for years. The 2019 report highlighted the best in activities throughout Europe and the Asian Pacific. Unsurprisingly to us, skydiving in New Zealand took the lead as the top Must Do of 2019!

There is no better location in New Zealand to #embracethefear and jump out of a perfectly good plane than at NZONE Skydive Queenstown. Freefall at 200kmp/h over the stunning scenes of Lake Wakatipu and beyond. Cultivate in the dual satisfaction of embracing your fears and seeing some of the most picturesque views in the world.

What are you waiting for your Queenstown Skydive awaits, embrace the fear and experience the ultimate 2019 travel must do.

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Queenstown is the adrenaline capital of the world, nestled amongst mountains and bordering lakes; this picturesque city is thriving with vibrancy and liveliness. With all the activities on offer, it can be overwhelming to decide how exactly to spend your time in this glorious town. Not to stress we have done the hard work for you finding the top three Must Do activities in Queenstown:



EAT your way through the town:

Queenstown is synonymous with delicious foods from cultures and cuisines all around the world. When visiting, a Must-Do is to take full advantage of every meal, from the Ferg empire to street side nut stands and everything in between, make a date with the plate and go on a food safari through town, your taste buds will thank you later.

Get amongst the Mountains:

Move your feet and immerse yourself in nature, Queenstown is home to multiple day walks for all abilities. Strap on your walking shoes and pack your water bottle, for a day of activity, take on any of the following walks for guaranteed picturesque moments from start to finish. We recommend Queenstown Hill, the Tiki Trail and Ben Lomond; all are very popular in Queenstown and for a good reason!

See Queenstown from ABOVE:

You’ve seen Queenstown from the ground so now it’s time to take a look from above, and what more appropriate way to do so in the adventure capital of the world then by Skydiving. Embrace the fear and take the scenic flight to altitude, before soaring at 2000km p/h from 15,000ft. It’s the ultimate Bucketlist experience to tackle in arguably the most beautiful place in the world.


We’ve heard all the wise tails and friends or friends stories come through our doors, so we have decided to set the record straight once and address the three most popular misconceptions when it comes to Tandem Skydiving.



The Lower the altitude the Less Scary:

This is the most popular rumour out there, and it couldn’t be more wrong, skydiving works in reverse then most other height related adventure activities. The arguably logical concept of the closer to the ground one is the less intimidating, is completely thrown out the window when it comes to Skydiving. We always recommend the higher, the better, as you allow yourself more time to adjust to the sensation of Freefall. The lower the altitude the closer you are to the ground and, the more you recognise it as the approaching land beneath. This is, in contrast, to a higher altitude jump as the further from the ground you are, you allow yourself a greater opportunity to look out not down and fully capture the breathtaking scenery beyond just the floor beneath.

Height doesn’t Matter, a skydive is a skydive:

Following on from above, the answer is yet again 100% YES; height does matter! The higher the altitude, the better the views, the longer the freefall, the more opportunity for photos and the overall better experience. Not to mention the more senior you jump from, the more bragging rights you earn.

Exiting the plane is the worst part:

This couldn’t be more inaccurate, the sensation of exiting an aircraft and entering free fall is undoubtedly the most intimidating but the most rewarding and exhilarating part of your skydive. The sensation fo freefalling at speeds upwards of 200kph is an indescribable sensation, one of which overcomes all previous fears and hesitations. We would argue, rather then it being the worst is, in fact, the best, as you exit the plane in the all so flattering banana position you are encapsulated by adrenaline and pure joy.


All in all, whether it’s your first time skydiving or your thousandth, we recommend to #EMBRACETHEFEAR, jump at the highest altitude available and just enjoy the process!


First time skydiving top tips

We’ve all read the FAQ’s for a first time skydiving experience… you know the ones; what do I wear? How long is my freefall? How far in advance do I need to book? Yes, all the nitty-gritty details have been answered, but what can you really expect for your first Skydive? We have three top tips for any first timers out there…



Embrace the Fear:

Our best advice is to allow yourself to be scared, embrace every emotion from the time you check in right through till you land safely on the ground. We understand that jumping out of a perfectly good plane isn’t an everyday activity for most. However, as we say ‘Pretend to be brave, even if you aren’t… no one will know the difference’. The hosts and safety officers will make you feel at ease, there charisma yet professionalism is charming and settling. All in all, Embrace the Fear and applaud yourself for doing so; you won’t regret it.

Open Your Eyes:

Make sure you keep your eyes wide open, Queenstown has one of the most picturesque landscapes in the world, and what better way to see it then soaring from above. Let yourself enjoy the scenic flight to altitude, as you leave the plane #embracethfear as adrenaline rushes through your veins. Whatever you do, DO NOT close your eyes, keep them wide open and look out not down. Watch in awe as you soar closer to the mountains, and scenes below, this will also ensure your photo and videos are on point too!

Get the Proof:

For most the first time skydiving is the only time, don’t allow yourself to feel the regret of not capturing it all on film. Purchase the photo and video packages, and boast to any and all that you saw Queenstown from above and embraced the fear at NZONE. For best possible photos (and bragging rights) make sure you keep your eyes open, look at the camera and smile large. 


Bucket lists are unique to each person, recorded in a multitude of ways they outline the specific goals of accomplishments and desires of an individual. 

We’ve scoured the internet, articles and bloggers alike and are not surprised to find no good bucket list is complete without an item that involves jumping off, onto or out of something at a great height! 

It’s no secret that Skydiving covers most of this; therefore we are not surprised to find it heavily weighted as one of the most popular bucket list items.  The act of jumping from a plane free falling and parachuting to the ground below is undoubtedly a character-defining experience. 

We argue that the only thing to trump a Skydive buck list item is one that not only encompasses the thrill defining sensation fo free falling at speeds of up to 200kph but to do so over one of the most scenic town in the world. 

Note it in the history books, as we put forward an NZONE skydive as the Ultimate Bucket list Item, not only is it encompassing the fear embracing, adrenaline pumping sensation of jumping 15,000ft from a perfectly good aircraft. It also provides the most breathtaking, eye bobbling views of the Remarkables mountains, Lake Wakatipu and Cecil Peak. 

We encourage any and all, mother, son, sister, uncle, grandparent or friend, whoever and whatever you do; we want you to #EMBRACETHEFEAR and tick off the most rewarding and breathtaking experience that life has to offer!d tick off the most rewarding and breathtaking experience that life has to offer NOW! 


Now that you’ve #EMBRACEDTHEFEAR and seen the mountains and surrounds from 15,000ft, it’s time to get up close and personal with them. It’s no secret that Queenstown is a hub of activity and beautiful landscapes, for that reason, the Wakatipu basin is a trampers paradise. Queenstown offers something for everyone, from a light stroll to a heart-pumping hike, you’ll be sure to find yourself a match. We’ve correlated what we believe to be the top 5 Queenstown day hikes for all fitness levels.



The Frankton Arm – 2-3 hour  – Easy

This flat walk along the lake is a 2-3 hour return trip from Queenstown town centre to Frankton. Stroll alongside Lake Wakatipu as joggers and bike riders pass you by, this walk really encompasses the vibrancy of Queenstown, activity and breathtaking scenery. The Frankton Arm is the perfect post-dinner stroll as you watch the sunset over the mountains.

Queenstown Gardens – 1 hour – Easy

Queenstown Gardens are tucked away from the central hub of the city yet still extremely accessible. The tranquil 2km return loop homes perfectly manicured gardens, frisbee golf, lawn bowls and rose gardens. The pathed walk is a light stroll bordering Lake Wakatipu and the mountains beyond; the best part is it can be done in the New Zealand uniform of jandals and casual attire.

Queenstown Hill – 2.5 hours return – Medium 

Basque in the basket of dreams, and look out over the beautiful city from Queenstown hill, this beginner to intermediate walk is a great way to get your legs moving while ticking off some sights along the way. The uninterrupted view at the peak allows for views over the city below, Wakatipu Basin and Cecil Peak.

Lake Alta – 1.5 Hours  – Medium

The Remarkables base building is your start and finishing point for yet another scenic Queenstown hike. You will need a vehicle to get here from the town centre; however, the steady inclined walk leads you to stunning glacial lakes. If you are feeling game and want to up the anti-you can extend your hike further and increase the level of difficulty. This will involve passing the glacial lakes and scrambling from Lake Alta up and across a boulder field. Here you will be rewarded with views of Lake Wakatipu and a distant Queenstown (allow an additional one to two hours for this variant of the hike). 

Ben Lomond – 6 hours return – Hard

Ben Lomond isn’t for the faint at heart, this full day walk undoubtedly earns you the best views of Queenstown and beyond. The return journey starts at the bottom of the Skyline Gondola where you will walk the Tiki-Trail to the luge and continue beyond. From here, the steady inclined terrain will soon have you greeted by 360-degree panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu, Cecil Peak, The Remarkable Mountains, and Walter Peak.  Don’t be fooled; you will need a strong level of fitness, snacks and plenty of water to complete this #mustdonz hike. (Pro tip: Catch the Gondola up the Tiki trail to give yourself a head-start and cut off one hour of the hike time)


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Queenstown is the birthplace of Tandem Skydiving in New Zealand, also known as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’.


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